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Our Board Member Katja Bernert will be speaking at the PanStadia & Arena Management Event. If you wish to know more on the latest of Stadia Roofing, design, sustainability and more be sure not to miss out!


For more information go to the Stadia & Arena Website.



published on April 6th 2022

Do not miss out on any 2022 event!


2022 is here, with a promise of bringing back many presential events that we all miss. As on past years, AMA will be a part of many of these events and we cannot wait to meet you there! Find a list below of the schedulled events for this year, be sure to check on regulary to confirm the dates.


09-11 May       

Textile Roofs. Berlin, Germany.

21-25 June

Techtextil. Frankfurt, Germany.

19-23 September

IASS Anual Symposium Asia. Beijing, China

23 September

Essener Membranbau Symposium 2022.

12-14 October

IFAI Expo 2022. Charlotte, NC, USA.

12-14 October

Sun Shading Expo North America (Co-location with IFAI Expo)


20-21 October

17th Advanced Building Skins Conference & Expo 2022. Bern, Switzerland.





Textile Roofs
IASS Anual Symposium Asia
IFAI Expo 2022
Sun Shading Expo
Advanced Building Skins

published on February 10th 2022


News Archive

The AMA Awards 2021 results are in!


Last October 25th, the first ever AMA Awards where celebrated during the General Members Meeting. We are very happy with it's success and we truly trust in it's power to help make sustainability a key element when thinking of a new project or product in the textile architecture industry. If you wish to get to know more about the products, projects and ideas presented in this 2021 edition of the awards click here to know them all!

Congratulations to the winners!



AMA Awards 2021 Best Product of the Year
AMA Awards 2021 Best Project of the Year
AMA Awards 2021 Best Design of the Year
AMA Awards 2021 Best Idea of the Year

published on November 25th 2021

PVC Membrane, Membrane Architecture, Textile Architecture, Vinyl Coated Polyester, Serge Ferrari

Fabrics and foils make a major contribution to save our natural resources: from the embodied energy within production to transport and installation, ultimately to reduced recycling quantities at the end of a long life cycle.


The competition, first issued in 2021, rewards and honours outstanding contributions to the conservation of natural resources in the field of membrane structures. Please share your concepts in the four categories: products, projects, design and ideas. The jury consisting of all AMA members is looking forward to receiving your contributions.

For more information on the AMA Awards, it's rules and important dates click here.

published on July 20th

Spatial Structures: Movers and Shakers, Interview with Katja Bernert


Formfinding: Should we go back to basics?


In this interview with our board member Katja Bernert from Mehler Texnologies, Katja takes us into a conversation we should all be having, how to make everything we do more sustainable and environmentally responsible? Katja brings out the question of the design process, do the new technologies used like formfinding software, take into account aspects like sustainable materials, global footprint, etc.? She encourages architects and engineers to use their intuition again to be able to introduce new (and very important) angles into the equation.Who is responsible for these changes? The manufacturers? The clients? the government?


Take some time to watch this interview and be sure to leave us your comments!

Travel Guide for Membrane Structures!


Are you, like most of us, going nowhere in this Easter Break? Join us in this eco friendly trip to get to know some breathtaking membrane structures around the world! Our board member Katja Bernert from Mehler Texnologies has prepared an inspiring travel guide to relax for a few minutes and enjoy what membranes have to offer. Download it here and be inspired!

published on March 29th

published on February 19th

IMS BAUHAUS® Degree "Archineer®"


The IMS will continue this year with their Master Program in Membrane Structures, their Archineer Degree. Since 2006 this program was held in the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau-Rosslau, but this year, the IMS has adapted to the new circumstances and is offering it's program in a completely online format. The course will take place from March 26th to October 30th 2021. Don't miss out and Register Now!


For more information, download the Study Schedule of IMS BAUHAUS® Degree "Archineer®"

published on February 4th

Welcome 2021!


We welcome 2021 with excitement! Excitement for a new and better year, with lots of energy to power through the difficulties and with hopes that soon things will go back to normal and we can all meet again. We have made a list of the most important tradefairs happening in the course of this year. Some will take place on the online world and some are looking forward to a presential encounter. Be there as it may, mark your calendars and don't miss out on the activities for this year!


February 22nd - 25th ⇒ R+T Stuttgart Messe, Digital Event.

May 10th - 12th ⇒ Textile Roofs, Berlin Germany.

August 23rd - 27th ⇒ IASS 2020/2021, Surrey UK.

September 13th - 14th ⇒ Structural Membranes, Munich Germany.

November 2nd - 4th ⇒ IFAI Expo 2021, Nashville USA / Sun Shading Expo North America



published on January 19th

Published on December 22nd

AMA Welcomes a new Member! CIDELSA


We at AMA are very exited to welcome CIDELSA as a new member in our association. Cidelsa is one of the largest companies of Tensile Architecture in South America, with over 1million m2 of experience on their backs! This is without a doubt a great win for AMA, always looking to expand their reach in the name of Tensile Architecture. Looking forward to a fruitful colaboration!


published on October 21st

The IASS Symposium and Spatial Structure Conference is Postponed


Since the conditions are not clear for this year's summer, the IASS annual Symposium has been postponed from August 2020 to August 2021 (from the 23rd to the 27th). This event will take place in Guildford, UK and AMA will be a part of it. We are exited to see all the interesting speakers and conferences there'll be. Hope to see you there!

for more information on this symposium, click here.


published on May 22nd

AMA will be present in this year's IFAI Expo!


The IFAI Expo 2020 is one of the largest shows in the industrial textiles industry and AMA could not be missing this event! We are now confirmed to assist next November by the hand of one of our Board Members Gustavo Ramírez from Carpatec. We are thrilled to be there with a joint booth with the IMS Institute where we can let you know more about our organization. Do not miss the opportunity and come meet us! Can’t wait to see you there!

For more information on IFAI Expo 2020, click here.


published on May 22nd

Textile Roofs 2020 has been Postponed


Due to COVID-19 Textile Roofs 2020 has been postponed. In the hope of better times it has been reschedule for October 8-10. We are looking forward to this event and all the exiting lectures that are planned. Would love to see you there! For more information go to their website: Textile Roofs


published on May 14th

AMA is still working for you!


Like every March, this March is no different. On March 17th we had our Members Meeting, only due to recent events it was done Online. The IMS as always very kindly offered their spaces but we decided last minute that it was more responsible to have an online meeting. This time we discussed the next steps that AMA will take to promote the market and help architects choose tensile architecture structures over traddicional construction. Different than other years, this year we will have presence in many of the most important traidfairs of the sector such as: Textile Roofs 2020 (May, Berlin), LaTensored (August, Argentina), IASS Symposium (August, UK), IFAI Expo 2020 (November, Indianapolis). We hope to see you then!
For all of you out there, stay safe and stay healthy in these times! #stayhome

More information on dates will come later on.


published on April 1rst

Members Meeting in Dessau Cancelled


Due to the recent events and fast progression of the COVID-19, the members meeting scheduled for the next March 17th is cancelled. IMS installations are closed for the rest of the semester. The meeting will be held via online, all members that wish to be part of it can contact our General Secretary ( to be added to the teleconference. Wishing you all to stay safe a healthy! #stayathome

published on March 13th

Save the Date! Next AMA Workshop on March 17th


Like every year, AMA will host a meeting with it's members and all interested companies to show the progress made in the last 6 months. We gather ideas and see our members needs to prepare for new actions. Join us and get to know AMA from the inside! The IMS has kindly offered their installations for this meeting to occur, see you in Dessau!

published on February 25th

Hueck Folien Joins AMA!


We at AMA are very pleased to welcome yet again a new member in our organization that will contribute in expanding AMA’s diversity as an association and reach. Hueck Folien is a 100% family owned company with over 260 employees in its three locations: Austria (production, administration, R&D, sales), Weiden and Hong Kong (Sales). Hueck has been around for over 45 years when they started with coating of web base materials, specializing more and more it was only a matter of time when they entered the tensile industry with its’ ETFE foils. We are looking forward to a fruitful relationship, welcome to AMA!


published on July 11th

AMA is Now on Social Media!


Join us in this new adventure! AMA has joined the main Social Media Platforms to spread the word of Tensile Architecture. In these platforms we will share lates market news, projects and interesting information about the Industry. Do not miss the oportunity of being part of this message and join AMA!


published on June 19th

Tensile intense at IMS in Dessau 


The training course on membrane structures "Tensile intense" will take place in Dessau from the 8th to the 13th of September, 2019. This program is created to provide a concentrated overview and universal understanding for the entire process of textile building, starting with the design, following the steps of analysis, detailing, dimensioning, calculating and ending with the erection of a membrane and lightweight structure.


For more information, click here


published on June 17th

International Tensile Intense, Chile


The First IMS Tensile Intense Course in Latin America will take place from the 14th to the 19th of Octotber in the prestigious University of Chile (Santiago de Chile). AMA is taking part of this Course with one of our members imparting a lecture. Our members will benefit from special prices for this course. If you wish to find out more about the program and AMA's special prices, click here to download (only in Spanish)

For more information click here.


published on March 26th

Benefits on Becoming an AMA Member


On our last meeting, all AMA Members listed the main benefits they see their companies profiting from being an AMA Member. This is a very concise and down-to-earth list to help other companies decide on becoming a member. Do not miss out on all of these benefits and many more! Find out more.


published on May 23rd

Verseidag-Indutex Joins AMA


We are happy to announce that Verseidag joined AMA after our Workshop in Dessau where they attended as guest. Verseidag is a membrane manufactutrer focused on PVC and PTFE coated high-performance fabrics for durable and aesthetical tensile architecture solutions. We are looking forward to a fruitful and longlasting relationship! Welcome!


published on March 29th

Save the Date: Members Meeting September 10th


This year our Members Meeting will take place on Tuesday September 10th, 2019. All members and interested parties are welcome to join this event. Location and further information will follow.


published on March 28th

AMA Joins Social Media


Very soon AMA will be joining the most important Social Media Platforms! Our focus will be on sending the message of confidence and trust in the construction method and broadening the market. All AMA Members will be part of this message!


published on March 28th

Grand Opening of the 2019 Master Course at the IMS in Dessau followed by an AMA workshop


March 19, 2019: Together with the IMS Institute headed by Prof. Dr. Robert Off and some of it's members, AMA celebrated the Opening of the new Master Course Membrane Structures and welcomed all new students. The next day an AMA workshop took place with the participation of almost all members. A new push has been given to AMA and many new things will be soon to come, do not miss being a part of it and join us now!


published on March 20th

6th Tensinet Symposium 2019, Milan, Italy. From June 3rd to 5th


This year the 6th Tensinet Symposium will take place from June 3rd to 5th in Milan, Italy. "Softening the Habitats. Sustainable Innovation in Minimal Mass Structures and Lightweight Architectures" promises to address relevant issues for the industry. For more information click here


published on January 24th

Sioen Industries NV joins AMA

Sioen Industries is a diversified stock quoted Group with an extensive portfolio of products and activities: spinning, weaving, and coating of technical textiles, manufacturer of professional protective clothing and producer of fine chemicals. We are happy to announce that Sioen joined the Architectural Membrane Association – Welcome!

March 22, 2018

Save the date

This year our Members Meeting will take place Tuesday, September 18, 2018 in Dessau at the IMS Institute of the Anhalt University of Applied Science. All members and interested parties are welcome to join this event. Further information will follow.

March 21, 2018

Grand Opening of the new Master Course at the IMS in Dessau followed by an AMA workshop

March 18, 2018: together with the President of the Anhalt University of Applied Science Prof. Dr. Jörg Bagdahn and the IMS Institute headed by Prof. Dr. Robert Off, AMA celebrated the Opening of the new Master Course Membrane Structures and welcomed all new students. The next day an AMA workshop took place which was a great success due to the participation of almost all members, constructive ideas and discussions.

March 21, 2018

Serge Ferrari joins AMA

Serge Ferrari S.A.S. is a leading French manufacturer of flexible composite materials. Serge Ferrari Group masters all production steps in its manufacturing sites in Europe (France, Switzerland, and Italy) from product development to recycling and has quickly developed its activities on a global basis to operational commercial sites on all continents.

We warmly welcome Ferrari and look forward to a fruitful cooperation!

January 22, 2018

7th IMS International Tensile Architecture Symposium, Miami, USA

First IMS Symposium in the US: the event will take place from May 17 to May, 19, 2018 at the University of Miami, School of Architecture. It is organized by IMS e.V and the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. More Information here.


Glasgow Hall and Korach Gallery
223 Dickinson Drive, Coral Gables, Miami, Florida, USA

December 19th, 2017

Wolfgang Rudorf-Witrin was appointed the first AMA supporting member

Following the decision of the AMA Annual Meeting we are glad to announce that Wolfgang Rudorf-Witrin is now the first supporting member of AMA. His experience will be a great enrichment for the association. We highly appreciate his valuable support and cooperation.

December 4th, 2017

Stuctural Membranes 2017, Munich

The conference on Textile Composites and Inflatable Structures will take place from October 9 -11, 2017. On Tuesday, October 10, 2017 AMA organizes an informal meeting open to all members and interested parties.

AMA Members Meeting in Fulda, Germany

This year's Members Meeting will take place in Fulda on September 12th, 2017, 11:00 am. All members are invited. This event is open to all interested parties and we cordially invite them to get a deeper insight into our activities. For further information please contact us.

Tensile intense at IMS in Dessau 

The training course on membrane structures "Tensile intense" will take place in Dessau from September 16th, 2017  to September 24th, 2017. More information below.

Hiraoka joins AMA

HIRAOKA & CO. LTD. is the leading Japanese manufacturer of polymer coated fabrics.  Established in 1902 Hiraoka has a 112 year history of producing high quality materials with specialty coatings such as Polyvinyl Chloride, Polyurethane and Polyethylene.

We warmly welcome Hiraoka and look forward to a lively exchange and a good cooperation!

April 5, 2017

New AMA Logo

The winner of the design competition for the AMA Logo was choosen by all members: It is the design created by Mr. Christof Löning, Hoch Zwei Gmbh, Rosenheim, Germany. We would like to thank Christof Löning for his fantastic work and are glad to have received such a distinctive and strong signet for our association.

December 1st, 2016

Temme Obermeier joins AMA

Temme Obermeier GmbH, located in the Rosenheim area in Germany, is expert for tensile and membrane architecture with over 20 years of experience encompassing building facades, roofs, trade fair stands and stadia.

We are pleased to welcome Temme Obermeier as a new AMA member and look forward to a successful and happy cooperation.

published September 30th, 2016

First AMA Member Meeting in Dessau 

The first Member Meeting will take place in Dessau, Germany at the University of Applied Science, Seminarplatz 2a. All AMA Members as well as all interested parties are invited to join the event.

September 20st, 2016


Velabran GmbH, located in Munich, Germany, offer a wide range of know-how in the field of textile building constructions, ETFE foil cushions and pneumatic assisted constructions. Velabran is an owner-managed company established 2005.

We are pleased to welcome VELABRAN as a new AMA member and look forward to a successful and happy cooperation.

September 1st, 2016

AMA registered

Architectural Membrane Association e.V. has officially been registered by the local court Stendal, Germany with the number VR 4548

June 2nd, 2016

AMA founded in Dessau

The Architectural Membrane Association (AMA) was founded on 15th of March 2016 in Dessau by the following seven companies:


Carpatec, Spain
Carpro, Belgium
CENO Membrane Technology GmbH, Germany
Low and Bonar GmbH, Germany
PFEIFER Seil- und Hebetechnik GmbH, Germany
Taiyo Europe GmbH, Germany
VALMIERA GLASS UK Ltd., United Kingdom
VELABRAN GmbH, Germany

March 15th, 2016

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